“I love your questions! They are not typical. No one ever asks me the things that you do. You’re dope and your personality is too!” – R&B Sensation, Brandy Norwood

“This book by Deya Direct got me shook, y’all need to cop this…ijs” – Tami Roman, “Basketball Wives Miami” 4-15-13 on Instagram

“Sweet, sassy, smart and sophisticated. Deya “Direct” Smith has it all! She’s one of the best in the business.” – Lamman Rucker (Actor, Educator, Entrepreneur)

“From Foreplay to Climax, Deya uses her own life examples and those she has interviewed to help us find a new path. Prepare to get out of your own way in order to discover your true and best self.” – Sybil Wilkes, Co-Host, Tom Joyner Morning Show

“Deya has a unique and creative brand of inspiration and knows how to captivate her audience. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her change the lives of young woman internationally. Now it is your turn to experience Deya Direct!” – Karen Arrington, Founder and CEO, Miss Black USA, Inc.

Deya’s Touch Yourself is divine origin. She is smart and I love smart women. Deya is expanding the definition of body ownership. –Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant, veteran Essence Magazine contributor and author of “The Best Kind of Loving: Black Woman’s Guide to Finding Intimacy”

Here’s what people had to say about Deya’s mini e-book, “Failure is Fuel!”, on Amazon:

By Ashley:
“Deya is a powerful speaker with a commanding presence. I had the pleasure of witnessing Deya deliver her message of “Failure Is Fuel” that changed my outlook for the better. If her book is anything like her motivational speeches, you need this in your arsenal.”

By D. Matthews:
“Deya truly gives upliftment and encouragement. Her testimony spoke to me on a deep level and was refreshing to hear such honesty. Deya truly has that Black Girl Magic and her message is one for every generation and for everyone. She is right on target!”

By ety:

“This book was dead on. It deals with that issue we all face in some area of our life, fear. She gives ideas and strategies to use fear as a tool that will guide us to greatness and our full God given potential!”

By V. Taylor:

“This book is a good read. It is motivating, inspirational and definitely positive for individuals who want to transition in their lives. She Speaks to the Heart! Powerful, Authentic and Inspiring!”

By K. Arrington:
“Deya is the truth. Her honest, raw and authentic messages resonates with the hearts of her audience. Her testimony was powerful and had me in tears. This book is everything and for every women who wants to turn learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities.”

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