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Deya Direct’s 5-Point Approach to Attracting & Keeping Love Ready to do something different to ignite your love life?  End 2017 by getting the tools you need to jumpstart your heart

Man Whisperer: How Do Men Really Feel About Commitment?
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How do men really feel about being in a committed relationship? Do you believe that men value relationships as much as women? In

Lights, Love and Loss!
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This week we've seen two reports about celebrity divorces. First, Will & Jada which probably shook us all a little. Not because the rumors are

Prenup or Nah? From the Minds of Married Men
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Do you believe in having a joint account in a marriage? Should what you bring to the table belong to the both of you? In

Man Whisperer: From the Minds of Married Men Part 2
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In part two of this series with married men, Deya asks the gentlemen the hard questions: Why is it so hard for men to talk