Marching Into Your Love

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As we celebrate Women’s Month, which completes the first quarter of 2017, there is so much happening and so much to look forward to at the same time. How are you feeling so far this year? If you’re not where you think that you should be, I want to give you three ‘marching orders’ to take you up a step or two in life and in your love journey.
But before I do, I must give a shout out to all of the ladies who showed up for our first Man Whisperer event of 2017 in Desoto, Texas! Some of the hot topics that we covered were:

• How being hard vs. soft plays out in our lives;
• What real communication looks like and what it means to become bi-tonal;
• Soft Power: The art of getting want you want and making others feel good about it;
• Fun Dating Tips and;
• The Secrets to becoming a Man Whisperer

Check out videos and photos below.



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And just in case you missed it, no worries. I have a fantastic Man Whisperer panel with some amazing men that I’m lining up for you on May 6th. So make sure you look out for it. Also, if you’re ready to take your love life to the next level with yourself and with a mate, email me directly ( for one-on-one coaching.

Now, here are your next level ‘Marching Orders’ to propel you higher and to help you win in live and in love:

• Self Care – The truth is that no one is better equipped to take care of you than you. I’m not talking about the brands you buy, not even the degrees you’ve earned; I’m talking about the degree to which you care for your personal brand – mind, body and soul. How you honor and nurture yourself, how you protect your peace, teaches others how to engage with you. So this may be as complicated as getting out of a relationship that is deteriorating your self-esteem. Or, as simple as getting more sleep and taking time to moisturize your skin daily. By the way, studies have proven that a woman who spends time with personal grooming is more attractive to a man. Men respond to the feminine attention and energy that you put out. On a scale from one -10, with 10 being the highest how are you doing in the self care department? Decide today, one thing you can do better now.

• Self Control – Feeling out of control in certain areas of your life be it emotionally, eating, drinking, anger? Whatever it may be, the good news is that you have more control than you may realize. At any given moment within a day we have the power to make new choices. The question is what do you want most — that right now thing to make you feel something or the big picture results? The key is to not allow feelings to dictate your actions. Decide what matters most and move accordingly. Let love and self respect be your guide to what you can and can’t control. Since we cannot and should not try to control others, say this little prayer to help you along the way: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

• Share Yourself – Using your time, talents and gifts to help others in need always put’s things in perspective. Whenever you think things are bad for you, there is always someone else doing worse and who could benefit from all of the wonderfulness that you have to offer. Being of service has a way of reminding you how much you actually matter. It can be personally fulfilling and extremely helpful and even life-changing to others at the same time.

So put a little pep in your step and March forward. You’ve got this!

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