VIDEO: Get Inspired! Deya Speaks at the 2016 Miss Black USA Pageant
Deya Direct • August 12, 2016 • 1 Comment

Sometimes life says you have to be hard to show everybody who you are. WRONG! Deya gives some words of wisdom to

How “Soft is the New Power” Improved This Woman’s Life
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Deya's barber, Melanie, tells you the value she found in the new book and you won't believe how it has changed her life COMPLETELY! Known as

Successful, Sexy and Solo?
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As a fly and fabulous woman, the struggle is REAL! We want to have it all at different points in our lives: the amazing career,

It All Counts
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Don't allow the missteps to deter you. Those missteps will play into your own personal PR campaign. When you present yourself to the world,

You Are NOT Rejected!
Staff • May 31, 2013 • No Comments

A very personal message from Deya Direct that will encourage you to push past the fear and pain of rejection.

Deya Directives 8: Check My Breasts!
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Ladies! It's time to check your breasts! It's good for your health.