Throwback Thursday Video: Fantasia Turned Failure into Fuel & So Can You
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Sometimes we feel like failure is the worst thing that has ever happened to us. But how many times have you realized, in hindsight, how

VIDEO: What Are You Afraid Of?
Staff • May 11, 2015 • No Comments

Nobody wants to admit they have fear, but we all do. Most successful people experience it, but do you know the difference between successful people and

VIDEO: Stop Wasting Your Most Precious Commodity!
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Don't give you energy over to the energy suckers because it's valuable and gives you what you need to take your life to the next

Let’s Get Direct! Facing the Fear
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Do you realize that most successful people experience fear? The difference is that they manage to find a way to persevere in spite of it

The FLY Life With Deya Direct! Control Your Energy
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These energy suckers can come into your space like a whirlwind, wreck shop, and then be gone within a moment’s notice. You, on the other

Choose a Direction
Staff • March 26, 2015 • No Comments

Are you afraid of flying? In reality, no one wants to crash and burn in any capacity. The thing is, fear and faith cannot work