Man Whisperer Monday: Here’s What You Should Know About Men & Sex
Deya Direct • March 07, 2016 • No Comments

The perfect recipe for relationships has many elements, from communication to emotional support to overall chemistry. But possibly the most important part of having a

Man Whisperer Monday: Trust Your Man…to Lead?
Deya Direct • February 29, 2016 • No Comments

It's Man Whisperer Monday and I've got a good one for you today! Question: How willing are you to trust your man to lead your household? I know

Too Bad Girlfriends Don’t Know Everything
Staff • February 05, 2016 • No Comments

Best Selling Author, Producer and Relationship Expert Deya “Direct” Smith writes and produces commentary for your heart, mind and soul. She is also a producer

The Power of a Smile
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Would you like to know how you can immediately change someone’s life? I have a fun and simple little secret that is proven: SMILE! When we make

The Power of “Getting” Your Man
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Ever been in a relationship with a man who constantly crosses the line, disregarding your boundaries, or taking your kindness for weakness? He has no

Beware of the Trump of Love
Staff • January 08, 2016 • No Comments

I recently read Donald and Melania Trump Donald Trump is like a smokescreen boyfriend, a lot of swagger with no substance. You know the guy who wines