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Big booties have made a comeback in a huge way! Many in the entertainment industry from strippers to models to bonafide celebrities, like the talented singer K. Michelle, their bottoms seem to be the star. She has just announced that she is ready to get rid of the butt enhancements and embrace her real body. Why? Because her behind was taking over and holding her back — literally and figuratively.

But on a more serious note, this does bring up body issues, something that so many women struggle with. Every day, we are bombarded with images of what the world defines as “beautiful”, “sexy” and “attractive”. Sometimes, our aspirations to look a certain way can really take us over the edge, even to the point of compromising our health. In K. Michelle’s case, her butt enhancements are blocking her career advancement and has become distracting at times when she wants to be taken seriously.

Here’s my take. Most people can find something that they don’t like about their outward appearance. But getting comfortable with your body starts by looking in the mirror alone. In my book, Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Boldly Live, Love and Let Go, I discuss how difficult it is for some women to get naked, look at themselves and compliment themselves. Instead, they will focus on all of the areas that they don’t like and what they wish was different.

Deya Directive: Try looking at you and focus on what you enjoy most for a change.

Here’s the thing: If you’re not good with you, don’t ask anyone else to be. The bonus is, once you are comfortable in your own skin, whoever else isn’t will not matter to you as much. When you’re in a good place with yourself, you exude a confidence and energy that attracts others, regardless of your body type.

Bottom line, if there is something you don’t like about your physicality, do all that you can to change it for the better with the obvious things, like eating healthy and exercising. For those things that you can’t control, work on embracing it.

Now let me know what you think. Would you consider getting cosmetic work done? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below or on the Fly & Fabulous Facebook community page.

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  • Kendra • 2 years ago

    Hi Deya.

    This is an important topic. I always questioned why women would go through so much to have a big booty. Although I understand that men find in attractive, I always agree that women would only be viewed from a physical standpoint as opposed to being judged by what was within them. I personally get upset when a man calls me sexy. Being called sexy does not make me feel beautiful, it makes me feel as if all he is thinking about is having sex with me.

    I commend K. Michelle for taking the first step in embracing her natural beautiful. I pray that one day we as women will feel beautiful, sexy and smart despite our outward appearance.

    • Deya • 2 years ago

      Hey Kendra,

      Sorry, I am just responding. I totally understand what you’re saying. As I was reading your post I wondered, So what DOES make you feel sexy?