3 Things You Can Learn from Angie Martinez’ “Boss” Move

Cherie S. White • June 24, 2014 • No Comments

By now, you’ve heard the bombshell news of New York radio powerhouse, Angie Martinez, making a huge and surprising career move. Martinez, who’s been with New York radio station HOT 97 since she was 16, posted the photo above on her Instagram page, is packing her bags and moving to the competition to start anew. Crazy, right?

You may be saying, “Who is their right mind, would leave a company where she has so many roots, so much seniority, so much COMFORT?”

Hold on. Her decision may not be such a bad thing. Here are 3 things you can learn from Angie’s move:

1. Change equals growth. Angie has been with the company for decades. This move has the possibility of opening new doors for the radio vet. And even if she’s met with opposition, Angie is rising to the challenge.
2. Choose what’s best for YOU, EVERY TIME. “I tried to really look at what’s best for my career, what’s best for my life, what’s best for my family, for me,” said Angie. Always put your interests first, despite what the noise is saying. Trust yourself.
3. YOU are your brand. Maybe she didn’t know it, but Angie has built a brand that is known throughout this country and beyond. What are YOU doing to make your brand better?

Check out more of what Angie has to say about her decision at MadameNoire.com.

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